Matthew Bourne’s “Cinderella” Live Q+A 15th May


UPDATE@19:52BST. The feed is now re-established and stable with a good margin.

UPDATE@10:20BST. The feed is now live from the OB. This is a STEREO broadcast. The Test loop is now broadcasting.

The Test period ahead of tonight’s broadcast is from 10:25 – 11:25BST. The feed is carried on IS-1002. All usual Helpline facilities are available.

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NTLive”Macbeth” Test & TX 10th May


NTLive Macbeth Test & TX 10th May . Test  on IS 10-02 1700-1830 BST, 1800-1930 CEST. Broadcast 1800-2145 BST, 1900-2245 CEST.

As at 16.53 BST IS 10-02 is established and stable.

Due to technical problems in the theatre, Macbeth has started 9 minutes after its scheduled time.


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NTLive ” Macbeth” test 9th May 2018


Update  11:00 Established and stable on IS 10-02

NTLive Macbeth Test today 9th May 2018 is on IS 10-02 at 1100-1200 BST, 1200-1300 CEST.

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Royal Opera House “MANON” Satellite Encore 6th May


This afternoon’s satellite Encore begins with the Test period from 1300-1400BST. The ballet then continues though to 1711BST. The feed is caried on IS-1002 only.

REMEMBER: All UK cinemas must have their subtitles set to OFF.

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Royal Opera House “MANON” 3rd May


UPDATE@1800BST All feeds are available and stable. Remember the subtitle notes as below

There is a further Test this morning ahead of tonight’s broadcast. It is from 1000-1100BST / 1100-1200CEST. The feed is carried on the usual IS-1002 and 5Wa.

As this is a BALLET, all UK cinemas should have the subtitles set to OFF. European cinemas should select as usual

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Metropolitan Opera “Cendrillon” 28th April

The Test period ahead of today’s broadcast starts at 16:30BST / 1730CEST. The feed is available on IS-1002 (An International/All-subs feed and a German-subs feed) and on E5Wa (A 2-service mux: a French-subs service and international all-subs service)

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Royal Opera House “MANON” Test 26th April

The Test ahead of next week’s broadcast is today at 1100-1200GMT / 1200-1300CET. The feed is carried on IS-1002 and E5Wa

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