ROYAL OPERA HOUSE “Mayerling” 15th October


The Test ahead of tonigh’s broadcast is now live on IS-1002 and E5Wa. There are embedded subtitles which must be switched OFF in UK/Irleand cinemas.

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MET OPERA “Samson and Delila” Test 15th October


The routine Test for this Saturday’s broadcast is as follows:

E5Wa: 0730-0800GMT (0930-1000CEST)

IS-1002: 0830-0900GMT (0930-1000BST / 1030-1100CEST)

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CLIFF RICHARD Friday 12th October Live from the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester



ENCORE SUNDAY 14th October

The feed is now available on IS-1002. The test includes concert coverage, a rotating sync-check and the Arqiva “Digital Cinema Delivered” Test loop.


UPDATE:1855BST The feed for tonight’s brodcast is now live. It’s very windy in a lot of places and dishes could be moving.

UPDATE@1300 The feed is now live and stable. At 1330 there will be a live-camera sync-Test

The Test ahead of tonight’s Concert is at 1300-1400BST. The Service/Channel name is “Cliff Richard Live”. All usual support assistance is in place.

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“The Importance of Being Earnest” 9th October


UPDATE@1050BST. The feed is now available. The Service Name is…no surprises…”The Importance of Being Earnest”

Ahead of tonight’s live broadcast, there is a 2nd Test on IS-1002 at 1100-1200BST. Details to follow of Service name.

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ROYAL OPERA HOUSE “Mayerling” Test 8th October


UPDATE@1055 The feed is now available on both satellites until 1200BST/1300CEST

The Test for next week’s ballet is at 1100-1200BST / 1200-1300CEST. The feed is carried on IS-1002 and E5Wa.

Subtitles will be availble to Test, as they should be used in all non-UK cinemas (for the subtitled films and interviews).

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MET OPERA “Aida” 6th October 2018


UPDATE19:23BST: More hits and switched to reserve again

UPDATE@19:01BST When the clock reaches 10′:00″ we will switch back to the fibre path.

UPDATE@18:56BST During the Intermission we will have to go back to fibre to avoid the solar-out. I will come back to here with a time

UPDATE@18:38BST The feed is disrupted. We are now on the Reserve path (satellite)

The Test period starts at 1630BST / 1730 CEST.

This is the 1st broadcast where both IS-1002 and E5Wa are wholly with embedded subtitles. There are NO feeds with burnt-in subtitles

All usual support facilities are available

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THE WINTERS TALE Globe Theatre 4th October


The Test ahead of this evening’s broadcast is at 1100-1200 with the feed on IS-1002. all usual support in place for managed and FTA reception

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