GLYNDEBOURNE “Vanessa” 14th August


14th August: Tranmission Broadcast day. The Test period this morning ahead of this evening’s broadcast is at 1100-1200BST. Same details as Sunday.

UPDATE@17:00 14th Aug. The feed on IS 10-02 is up and stable, showing Glyndebourne test material. Content starts at 18:15.

UPDATE@ 10:52 14th Aug. The feed on IS 10-02 is up and stable.

UPDATE@1054GMT: The feed is now available and stable. The Service Name is “Glyndebourne”.

The Test for next Tuesday’s broadcast is today, SUNDAY 11th August. It is from 1100-1200BST. All usual Helpline support is available for this Test.

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ANDRÉ RIEU “Amoré” 28th & 29th July


SUNDAY 29th @1400BST. The satellite feed for the Encore relay is now available and stable. As last night, there will be the same switch from Test to Content at 1445BST

UPDATE@1755BST. The Test feed is now up and stable on IS-1002. At 1845BST there will be a hot-switch to the Andre Rieu material. Some IRDs have objected to this previously, so please pay close attntion at this time.

The Test period ahead of Saturday night’s satellite relay begins at 18:00BST/1900CEST. The Countdown clock is at 1845BST and the Concert commences at 1900BST, throught to ~2145

The Test ahead of this weekend’s satellite broadcast is from 0930-1100BST. The feed is carried on IS-1002. All usual support resources should be available. The service name is “ANDRÉ RIEU” (no surprise there!) and the content is the Arqiva “Digital Cinema Delivered” Test loop. The feed was up and stable at 0920BST.

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IS 10-02 is up and stable as at 1731 BST.

The Test for tonight’s broadcast is from 1730 and the transmission runs until 2200 BST. All usual support facilities are in place.

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“Everybody’s Talking About Jamie” –


UPDATES for 5th JULY: Broadcast day

UPDATE @ 1810. The live feed is now on satellite and stable pictures and sound

The Test period is from 1100-1200BST: the satellite feed is now available and stable on IS-1002. The Service ID is APOLLO THEATRE

PLEASE NOTE: The FEC value has changed to 3/4. all other paramters remain the same as the Test last week. You will almost certainly need to retune. If you are unable to find the channel, you should delete the channel from last week’s test and re-tune.




Update 11:40 several sites have called with the same problem. Satellite search shows level & quality but fails to find signal. Do a service list reset or factory reset then search again.

Update 11:00 Test is established on 10-02. test is showing content from ‘An Ideal Husband’

This morning’s test on IS 10-02  is from 11:00-12:00 BST / 12:00-13:00 CEST

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Glyndebourne”Madama Butterfly” 21st June 2018.


Glyndebourne”Madama Butterfly” 21st June. There is a test this evening 1700-1815BST. The broadcast content runs from 1815 to 2130(approx) BST. Please call your helpline if you have any queries.

At 1658 BST the satellite feed is up and stable. PLEASE NOTE, the test loop has “THIS IS CLARITY OUTPUT” across it.

At 11.00 BST IS 10-02 was up and stable. Test finished at 12.00 BST.

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ROYAL OPERA HOUSE “Swan Lake” Satellite Encore 17th June


Today’s Encore-by-Satellite starts with the Test at 1300BST with the feed on IS-1002. The main content commences at 1400 and is due to end at 1726BST. All usual Helpline resources are available for this broadcast.

As at 13:03 the feed is up and stable.

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GLYNDEBOURNE “Madama Butterfly”


UPDATE@11:05BST. The feed is live and stable on IS-1002

The Test for next Thursday’s broadcast is today SUNDAY 17th June. It is from 1100-1200BST. All usual Helpline support is available for this Test.

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