COMEDIE FRANCAISE “Cyrano de Bergerac” Test 26th June

CyranoUPDATE@09:55. The feed is now up and stable on IS-1002. The Service ID is “Arqiva DSNG 10”. The content is the Pathé Live Test Loop

The Test on IS-1002 is from 1000-1100BST. [The Test on E5Wa is on Wednesday]

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NTLive “Salome” Test & TX 22nd June



Established  and stable on  IS 10-02 and IS 905.

Tuning period for tonight’s transmission begins at:

17:00 BST (UK time)/18:00 CEST

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NTLive “Salome” Test 21st June 12:15-13:15 BST

Test will be starting at 12:15 BST on IS 10-02 and IS 905.

All feeds up and stable on IS 1002 and IS 905.


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Royal Opera House “Otello” 21st June Test

Today’s Test is from 1100-1200BST / 1200-1300CEST. It is on IS-1002 and IS-905 .

Feed also up on E5WA .

There was a break in service at 11.13. All feeds back up and stable at 11.15.


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UPDATE@17:38BST. The feed is now available on all paths.

This evening’s Test period for La Scala, Milan starts at 1730BST/1830CEST. The feed with embedded subtitles is carried on IS-1002, IS-905 and E5Wa.

E5Wa has 2 services (1x Embedded and 1x French burnt-in)

There is an additional feed on IS-1002 with burnt-in English subtitles.

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Take That – Encore. Transmission

Take That 2

Services on IS905 & IS10-02 are established & stable from 13:55BST
The tuning period for todays transmission will begin at 14:00BST
Helpline is now operational

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Take That – Encore. Morning Test

Take That 2

IS905 & IS10-02 services ceased
Services on IS905 & IS10-02 established at 09:57BST
This mornings test will begin at 10:00 BST (UK Time)

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