ROH and RSC Tuesday 13th November


UPDATE@1754GMT. The ROH feed is now available on both path. Currently, the content is bars and tone from the uplink: awaiting the Test loop from the ROH

This morning starts with the ROH Test for tonight’s broadcast from 1000-1100GMT. This is carried on IS-1002 and E5Wa.

The RSC will then Test on IS-1002 at 1100-1200GMT.

Each event has a separate Helpline PIN.

The Royal Opera House then returns at 1800GMT for the “La Bayadere” broadcast.

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BOLSHOI BALLET “La Sylphide” 11th November

The Test period for this afternoon’s broadcast starts at 1300GMT/1400CET.

The feed is carried on IS-1002 and E5Wa.

The Walk-In starts at 1440GMT and the main content commences at 1500GMT

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Met Opera “Marnie” Broadcast 10th Nov


Today’s broadcast is now up and stable. Any issues , please contact your helpline.

Content concludes at 20:58GMT
Services ceased at 21:01GMT
Clean & stable transmission.

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ROYAL OPERA HOUSE “LA Bayadere” Test 6th November


The Test for next week’s broadcast is at 1100-1200GMT (immediately following the Bolshoi Test) and is available on both IS-1002 and E5Wa.  The ROH have stipulated that subtitles are to be turned OFF in UK cinemas.

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BOLSHOI BALLET “La Sylphide” Test 6th November


The Test for Sunday’s broadcast is at 0930-1030CET on E5Wa followed by the IS-1002  at 0930-1030GMT/UK. 

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MET OPERA “Marnie” Test 5th November


The Test ahead of this next Saturday’s broadcast is 0930-1000CET on E5Wa and 0930-1000GMT on E5Wa. I am sure you all know that it is embedded-only subtitles!


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League of Legends WORLD FINAL 3rd November


UPDATE:1040GMT. The content will conclude around 1100GMT

UPDATE:07:50GMT. The Spanish feed is now restored

UPDATE@07:30GMT. There are difficulties with the Spanish feed. Until these are resolved, the Spanish and english services are the same

It’s 0600GMT Saturday morning and the Test is now live on IS-1002 and E5Wa ahead of the broadcast from Korea.

The English service is carrying a programme called “The Dive”. The Spanish has a static card.

A note from the Distributor: If you are having any issues with tuning or the feeds, please DO NOT CANCEL your screening too early. There are many hours of content available and time to work on any issues 

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