Met Opera “Luisa Miller” Test 14th April


UPDATE@1600BST All feeds on all paths are now stable

UPDATE@1552BST The International and German IS-1002 feeds are now available.

Today’s Test period starts at 1600BST/1700CEST.

There are 3 feeds on IS-1002 today, including a bespoke feed for UK cinemas with burnt-in subtitles. This feed MUST be used in the UK.

The usual International feed is also available, with all subtitles embedded for self-selection. The German burnt-in feed completes the trio of feeds on IS-1002

E5Wa provides the usual 2-service mux: a service with all subs embedded and a 2nd service with French subtitles burnt-in

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RSC “Macbeth” 11th April




UPDATE@1700BST Weds 11th  The Test period ahead of tonight’s broadcast begins at 1730BST. Pre-Show Cards are at 1845BST with the Introduction at 1900BST.

Please note there was no Test this morning 11th April. Sorry for the confusion.

The Test for tomorrow’s broadcast is at 1100-1200BST (1200-1300CEST). The feed is carried on IS-1002. All usual Helpline resources are available.

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Met Opera “Luisa Miller” Test 9th April

Ahead of this Saturday’s broadcast the Test on E5Wa is from 0730-0800GMT (0930-1000CEST). This is followed by the IS-1002 Test from 0830-0900GMT (0930-1000BST).

There are 2 feeds on IS-1002. There is the usual All-Subs embedded feed and the UK-Only dedicated feed with burnt-in English subs.

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Royal Opera House “MACBETH” Satellite Encore 8th April

The feed is now up and stable on Is-1002. The Test runs until 1340GMT, the Walk-In to 1400 with the start of the relay at 1400. The broadcast is due to finish at 17:25BST

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Royal Opera House “MACBETH” 4th April


UPDATE@17:58 The feed is again available and stable on IS-1002 and E5Wa

PLEASE NOTE: The feed today will revert to MPEG-2. Those who Tested with MPEG-4 last week may need to retune, having deleted the Test channel.

The Test period on IS-1002 and E5Wa is from 1000-1100BST (1100-1200EST).

The feed is live and stable at 0856GMT/0956BST/1056CEST

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ROYAL OPERA HOUSE “Bernstein Centenary” Satellite Encore 1st April


The Test period for this afternoon’s Encore-by-satellite starts at 1300BST. The walk-in is at 1340BST and the performance is introduced at 1400.

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MET OPERA “Cosi Fan Tutte” 31st March

UPDATE@1600GMT: Audio-sync changes were initiated in NY and we belive that the feed is now in sync.

UPDATE1551GMT: Tone is now being sent instead of Test-audio

UPDATE@1542GMT: There is a slight pause in the feed on all paths.

The Test period starts at 1530GMT/1630BST/1730CEST with the Walk-In starting 45′ later.

The broadcast has the usual 2 feeds on IS-1002 and the 2-service mux on E5Wa.

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