NT LIVE “The Tragedy of King Richard 2nd” Broadcast 15th January


18:02 Cinemas that tuned in to ROH test may need to retune after clearing the service list.

17:30 Transmission live and stable

The Test period for tonight’s broadcast starts at 1730GMT / 1830CET. The broadcast is on IS-1002 only

Subtitles are NOT to be shown in UK cinemas.

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ROYAL OPERA HOUSE “The Queen of Spades” Test 15th January


The Test for next week’s broadcast is on IS-1002 and E5Wa at 1100-1200GMT / 1200-1300CET.

All usual support services should be available.


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BOLSHOI BALLET Test 15th January


The Test ahead of next week’s “La Bayadere” is at these times:

E5Wa: 0830-0930GMT / 0930-1030CET

IS-1002: 0930-1030GMT / 1030-1130CET

All support services are in place for the Test

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NTLive “The Tragedy of Richard II” Test transmission 14th January


11:02 test established and stable on 10:02

The Test ahead of Tuesday’s broadcast is from 1100-1200GMT/ 1200-1300CET with the feed carried on IS-1002.

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MET OPERA “Adriana Lecouvreur” 12th January


The feeds on IS-1002 and E5Wa are available to TEST from 1630GMT/1730CEST. The Walk-In follows at 1715GMT and the Introduction at 1755GMT

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ANDRÉ RIEU “New Year’s Concert from Sydney”



The satellite feed for the Encore is now live on IS-1002, with all the same details as yesterday evening



The feed is now established on IS-1002. Service name is “André Rieu” (no surprises there!)


Ahead of this weekend’s satellite broadcast we have a Test today (2nd January) from 0930-1100GMT/UK. The feed is carried on IS-1002. All usual managed-service and STB/FTA IRD support is in place.

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BOLSHOI BALLET “The Nutcracker” 23rd December


The Test period ahead of today’s broadcast commences at 130GMT / 1400CET.

WALK-IN is at 1440GMT with the main content then following at 1500GMT.

The feed is carried, as usual, on IS-1002 and E5Wa with DVBS2/8PSK modulation using PILOTS.

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