Bolshoi – Nutcracker TX


Testing begins shortly for this afternoon’s Bolshoi transmission. Signals due up at 13:00GMT / 14:00CET.

At 14:46GMT/15:46CET, there will be a slight “bump” in the audio and video as we switch between the Test source and the “Nutcracker” source.

AB3 established and stable at 12:54GMT

10-02 established and stable at 12:56GMT

Vision bump at 14:45 resulted in loss of service – tuned away and then back to Bolshoi channel to regain vision and audio.

If your receiver has crashed and will not lock on following a channel change. Please do a full retune.

Services ceased at 17:15GMT.

We apologise for todays difficulties which were network wide.  We are investigating the causes and particularly why the Icecrypt exhibited the effects it did.  Any further reports on your experiences would be helpful (via email).

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