Pathé Live: Nederlands Dan Theatre 15th Nov

UPDATE @1842. I am told that the audio is finally settled, but STEREO only.

This is on both audio channels you will find on your receiver (PIDS 34+36 being identical)

UPDATE @1822: The picture has come back, but we think ALL audio has disappeared!!

UPDATE @1805: There is neither picture nor audio coming from Netherlands. You can still tune, and will find a black screen with no audio on a channel called “2-SAT HOL280HD”

UPDATE @1756. Dolby audio has gone again. The  DD flag is present but there is no content. Our colleagues at Arqiva are speaking to the theatre directly to try to reslove this. Seems that picture keeps going too!

UPDATE @1750. Dolby Digital is now being sent. It arrived automatically on the IcecryptS4000. The Topfield and Humax needed the channel deleted and the channel re-tuned

UPDATE @ 1730: All feeds are established and stable. As far as we are aware (and are trying to find out why) the feed is currently MUTE on the Dolby (PID-34). There is stereo available on PID-36

Good afternoon.

A reminder that the Testing period starts at 1640GMT(UK) / 1740CET (W.Europe)

This broadcast is DVBS-2/8PSK/Pilot ON. This is different to many of the broadcasts you take. Please tune with care, and tune-in early.

Good luck for this evening, from all the team at CBS.

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