Met Opera: Eugene Onegin TX

Hello and welcome to this first transmission of the new Met Opera season.

The tuning period of today’s transmission will commence at 15:00GMT/16:00BST/17:00CEST
Online clock here

The main European transmission help number is +44 (0) 8444 737373 – passcode 270661
If your a UK Picturehouse/Cityscreens taker your number is 08444 737373 – passcode 110688
If you are a Eutelsat 7a taker, your helpline is +1 713 481 0090 – passcode 4555428
If you are an Intelsat 905 taker on the Arqiva platform, your number is 0870 333 7999 or +44 1494 848852
If you are a Lansat taker, your number is 0203 026 9730

The Euro TX and Picturehouse numbers will only be active between 14:45 & 21:20GMT – 15:45 & 22:20BST today.  At other times you can call the numbers detailed here, general FAQs are available too.
Twitter feed: @satfacts

There is a problem with both Icecrypt and Topfield receivers locking to the Met this afternoon – We will update as soon as we have a resolution.
We believe we have a resolution.  Please do a power down reset, then retune. Timed 16:05GMT/17:05BST

There is an audio issue incoming from New York – resolved at 17:10 GMT
At the first interval 18:35GMT we appear to be running about 5 minutes late

Services ceased at 21:06GMT 

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