Bolshoi Ballet: “Spartacus” 20th October

Content concluded and all circuits ceased at 18:15GMT

The Russians appear to be sending random audio rather than the test tape audio from 14:03GMT onwards. Apologies.

There was a brief interruption to T12 at 13:22GMT whilst we reset an encoder.

Update at 1410: All services now established. 

UPDATE AT 1300GMT/1400UK/1500EUROPE. We are still waiting for the feed to come in from Russia. It is late. As soon as it is available, we will update this message

Good afternoon and Welcome to the 1st Bolshoi of this Season.

The Test period starts at 1400UK/1500Europe/1600EasternEurope and the ballet programme commences 2hrs later.

Remember this is a DVBS-2/8PSK transmission.

We all trust that you will have a successful afternoon.

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