Met Opera: “The Nose”

Hello and welcome to today’s transmission from Met Opera

There were multiple periods of black and loss of audio at 16:54GMT & 16:57GMT  – This was a TX issue in New York.  They have now switched their feeds so it should be stable from now on. You should not adjust your receivers….

There was a brief loss of service at 16:26 GMT lasting about 10 seconds – This was a TX issue and you should not adjust your receivers….

The tuning period for today’s transmission will commence at 15:00GMT/16:00BST/17:00CEST

FYI, during the trailer for “Two Boys” (before the live opera), when the title appears it will look like there was a sync hit.  That is an intentional look; the opera is about bad things in the digital age.

Please call the number that was published to you.

If you are a Eutelsat 7a taker, your helpline is +1 713 481 0090 – passcode 4555428
If you are an Intelsat 905 taker on the Arqiva platform, your number is 0870 333 7999 or +44 1494 848852
If you are a LANsat taker, your number is 0203 026 9730

Twitter feed: @satfacts

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