Met Opera: Falstaff – TX

Services ceased at 21:10GMT – Goodnight.
Content concludes at 21:05GMT
Brief audio loss at 20:46GMT
Brief audio loss at 18:02GMT
Subtitle system rebooted at 16:32GMT causing brief vision disturbance
Momentary Audio loss at 16:24GMT
Subs to line at 16:22GMT
Awaiting Subtitle data from origin so no subs at present
Brief black to line from origin at 15:59GMT
EU5Wa established and stable at 15:56GMT
IS905 service established and stable 15:54GMT
IS10-02 services established and stable at 15:52GMT
The tuning period for tonght’s transmission will commence at 16:00GMT (UK) / 17:00CET (Western Europe)
Online clock here

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