Solar Interference during War Horse tests.

There are scheduled to be two periods of solar interference affecting IS10-02 during the TX tests for War Horse on 26th & 27th February.

This solar interference is a natural phenomena and occurs twice a year, in the spring and in the autumn. Interruption of service may occur when the sun passes behind the satellite, as the satellite ground station (cinema), satellite and the sun are in complete alignment.

On the 26th February the interference is likely to start at 12:13GMT and could last for up to 7 minutes.

On the 27th February the interference is likely to start at 12:12GMT and could last for up to 10 minutes.

These predictions are based on a cinema positioned in London.  It may not be exactly the same in your location.  Interference you experience will be affected by your local conditions / antenna size etc.

NB: The main transmission in the evening of 27th February will not be affected.

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