GOLDFRAPP Test 1100GMT 4th

UPDATE 1230GMT. We have just been informed that the AR is “Scope in a Flat container”. Although the test has been running for 90mins it might be useful in these last 15mins.

UPDATE 1150: unable to get clarity on projector setting to make best use of the 16:9 letterbox feed. Suggest you contact Distributor for clarification

UPDATE @ 1118GMT: we now have the Arqiva Test loop showing: I am assured that this is the intended shape and Aspect Ratio.

The Test is currently up on IS-1002 and IS-905

At the moment you are seeing “SIS LIVE OB14 CCU7” colour bars.

Audio seems to be beyond them at the moment so it is mute.

I will update here as the situation improves.

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