Vatican/Pope Canonisation: 3D and 2D TEST

10:02GMT: All services ceased
09:06GMT/10:06BST/11:06CEST: All 2D & 3D services established & stable.


The Test today starts at 0900GMT/1000BST/1100CEST

Receiver Service IDs are:

E5Wa (Sensio 3D): “Pope Canonisation Test

3D 1002+905: “Arqiva Pope Canonisation RealD 3D Europe

All HD/2D feeds : “Arqiva Pope Canonisation 2D World

The Helpline for tuning STB/FTA receivers is +44 8444 737373 and PIN 270661.

(There are bespoke Helplines for OpenSky/E5Wa and Arqiva/905 managed platforms. LanSat 3D also has it’s own Helpline. Refer to your operation manual for contact details)

TEST CONTENT: This is predominantly Eutelsat/OpenSky Test card with intermittent sync-beep, channel ID. There are also MUTE colour bars and a watery canal scene (also MUTE). 

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