RSC: Henry IV – Pt 1. AM Test.

Service ceased at 11:00GMT
Service established and stable 09:57GMT

This mornings test begins at 10:00 GMT / 11:00BST (UK) / 12:00CEST
Online clock here

As you might be aware, there were widespread difficulties affecting some Icecrypt receivers during the first TX test yesterday.  Some tune in immediately, some will see the service at the tuning input stage, but not lock to it as once the tuning scan has completed.  This is an instability within the Icecrypt platform and NOT a transmission error.

If your receiver will not lock to the signal this morning you must do a Factory reset.

Instructions for factory reset. (Icecrypt 6000)

System recovery
System recovery to factory defaults
PIN 0000 (if you haven’t changed it)
At ‘Do you want to Factory Reset’ command. Select YES
Displays ‘Resetting’ for 30 seconds
Once complete, the display may disappear. If this is the case, press the resolution button and wait 5 seconds.  If it is still black, press resolution button again and wait another 5 seconds. Continue this until your display re appears
Select English
Don’t change anything on DHCP / IP settings page. Just select Next
Select GMT 0 (zero) – London
Select off on daylight saving page

Now try to retune – you will need to update your dish setting page if you have an unconventional set up.

If you need to test your system before the transmission starts, use the BTV 1 channel ONLY. (11247, Vertical, 24500, DVB, 7/8)
NO other FTA channel is suitable for testing a system for RSC/NTLive/Met Opera – irrespective of what others might have told you.



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