NT Live: Streetcar TX

Services ceased at 21:22GMT
Content concludes at 21:18GMT
Audio investigation reports, as mixed (resulting in a  large dynamic range) – 18:18GMT
Looking into reports of low audio levels – 18:11GMT
Subs feed appears stable again 17:25GMT
Subs feed – further vision disturbance at 17:04GMT
Subs feed back in sync but still flashing at 17:00GMT
Subs feed out of sync at 16:55GMT
Subs feed briefly black at 16:44GMT
Subs feed briefly black at 16:39GMT
Occasional flashing seen on Subs feed at 16:09GMT
Stable again and test tape to line at 16:00GMT
Rebooting encoders at 16:56GMT – general instability until 15:59GMT
Services established & stable at 16:53GMT with UKI 1368 ident to line
SNG colour bars will be to line until 16:10GMT
The tuning period will begin at 16:00GMT/17:00BST/18:00CEST
Online clock here

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