Hockney Live from LA – TX

Service ceased at 21:52 – Goodnight

Content concludes at 21:50

21:14 LA to line again

21:12 Local UK content to line whilst we await LA to get power issue resolved

21:11 Power failure in LA

20:30GMT Services re established & stable on IS10-02 & IS905.
Clipped audio is incoming from the origin in LA.  We are working with our US colleagues to resolve this.

UPDATE @ 17:42. The feeds are up on IS-1002 and IS-905. SEE BELOW BEFORE CALLING THE HELPLINE

If you did not test this morning you may need to factory reset your Icecrypt if you are unable to receive the transmission.  Please do this before you call the helpline.

Factory reset instructions here
Icecrypt user manual here

The tuning period will begin at 17:30GMT.   NB: This a STEREO transmission.
Online clock here

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