UPDATE @ 18:45. It is only the Test that is DD2.0 .  The feature will be in DD/5.1

UPDATE @ 18:38. The feed is now live from London. We are currently receiving as Dolby Digital 2.0   i.e. L+R in a dolby wrapper. We are investigating with the venue if this is just for the Test or the whole show.

UPDATE @ 12:25. The Test has now finished. The pre-show test period starts again at 1830GMT/1930CET

UPDATE @ 11:30. The Test material is the Arqiva “Digital Cinema Delivered” generic test loop.  It has German and spanish embedded subtitles.

The test for this event is at the unusual time of 1125GMT/1225CET and lasts for 60′.

Test content will be updated here once established.

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