SHAKESPEARE LIVE! Main Transmission

21:55GMT Services ceased
21:53GMT Content concludes
Cinema feeds established & stable at 17:52GMT
Cinemas MUST take the service called “Cinema Shakespeare”. If you see a service on IS-1002 called “BBC Shakespeare” you have got the WRONG channel and it will NOT work.

The Cinema feed on IS-1002 and IS-905 starts at 1900BST/2000CEST for Testing. Service name is CINEMA SHAKESPEARE. Walk-In starts at 2010BST/2120CEST. Main PGM begins at 2030BST/2130CEST

The feeds for International TV Broadcasters starts at 1815GMT/1915BST/2015CEST. service name is BBC SHAKESPEARE. The Main feed is on IS-1002. the back-up/reserve is on E8Wb. There is also a PoP at BT Tower. Main offer starts at 1930GMT

Assistance Helplines are available for both services


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