The Q+A ended at 2108BST. Satellites ceased at 21:23

UPDATE@1905. The satellite will be up again at 2030 and the intention is to run the Q+A as scheduled at 20:40

UPDATE@1818. SheffDocFest have advised that due to the fire alarm and evac., the Intro at 1830 is NOT going to happen. PLEASE RUN THE DCP AT 1840 AS SCHEDULED. Further info to follow here and attempting to get messages on screen.

UPDATE@1742 Both satellites are up and stable. However, the building has been evacuated due to a fire alarm. There is only VERY low level empty-hall audio on the feed currently. More news to follow here soon.

UPDATE@1200 The Test has finished. Please join us again at 1730BST

UPDATE@1125 The feed is NOW in sync.

UPDATE@1052 The feed is now live on the satellites. The Service name seems to be “CLEAN”. The feed is currently showing pictures from the event. There is some 1KHz tone at times.

The 60′ Test on IS-1002 and IS-905 starts at 1100BST.

Please note that this is a PCM STEREO broadcast. Video is usual 16:9 (1:1.77) 1080/50

Usual helpline in operation for Test this morning and Test/TXs tonight

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