NT Live “Young Marx” Thursday 7th Dec


NT Live Young Marx test & TX 7th Dec.

Please note: in order that you can ensure that your line up is correct, in addition to our normal test loop 17:00 to 18:30, we will be playing 2 clips of test material for 1 minute each. The first at 18.35 , the second at 18:41. It is imperative that you use all these opportunities to test your set up.

Test Opportunities

17:00-18:30   NTLive test loop: The feed was up and stable at 16:46

18:30-18:35   NTLive cards

18:35-18:36   NTLive test clip

18:36-18:41   NTLive cards

18:41-18:42   NTLive test clip

18:42-19:00   NTLive cards and trailers

19:00-21:30   NTLive presentation and play


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