ROYAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY “As You Like It” 16th + 17th April

Wednesday 17th April


At 17:37 BST the power was successfully swapped with no loss of service.

NB! As at 1730 BST there will be a brief interruption in service within  the next 15 mins while the Outside Broadcast sorts out local power issues. Once this is swapped over, the feed will be up and stable for the extent of the broadcast.

The feed on IS 10-02 is now up and stable at 1723 BST/1823CEST.

The feed on IS-1002 will be available from 1730BST / 1830CEST. The Service Name to look for is “RSC As You Like It“.


Tuesday 16th April

 The feed on IS 10-02 is now up and stable at 10:57 BST, 16th April

The Test ahead of tomorrow’s live broadcast is on 16th April 1100-1200BST (1200-1300CEST). The feed is carried on IS-1002. There are NO subtitles. All usual support functions are available.

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