MET OPERA “Akhnaten” 23rd November


Saturday 23rd November

The Test period starts at 1630GMT/1730CET

Please note this statement from The Met about subtitles.

“In today’s performance, subtitles will be provided only for scene headings and selected text.”

Akhnaten is being performed with select subtitles only. The subtitles will set up the scene about to be performed. Certain vocal performances will also feature subtitles.We understand that the more-limited subtitles approach will be announced during the host introduction prior to the performance. Additionally, we understand that art card with the message below will be shown as part of the cast & production team cards which start at 17:55 GMT (18:55CET)


18th November Test

Today’s Test ahead of Saturday’s broadcast is at 0930-1000CET on E5Wa followed by the IS-1002 Test at 0930-1000GMT.

All usual support facilities available ove this period. Do consult your in-house resources as needed or call the PWN super-helpline if needed.

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