Pathé Live Presents Bolshoi Ballet “Swan Lake”

Sunday 23rd February

The feed is officially available from 1300GMT/1400CET. However, it will be on-air from 1230GMT for internal testing only. If you do tune-in early, please DO NOT rely on the feed being stable at this time until 1300GMT

The Test continues to 14:40GMT, when walk-in cards and trailers will be broadcast. The Introduction is at 15:00GMT

STB/ICECRYPT Users. If you select the channel from the Test last Tuesday, there may be no video (although you will hear audio). If this is the case, select the channel and then use the menu to tune/satellite search the channel again.


Tuesday 18th February

The Test for Sunday’s (23rd) live broadcast is at 0930CET on E5Wa and 0930GMT on IS-1002. The usual Pathé Live Test loop will be used for the Test content


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