ROYAL OPERA HOUSE “Romeo and Juliet” 14th Feb.

UPDATE@20:43 There was a brief interruption to the feed at approx 2040GMT

UPDATE:18:52GMT This is clarify that there is NOT a 2nd interval between Act-II and Act-III. There is just a brief introduction by Katie at approx 21:21GMT

UPDATE@1800GMT The feed for tonight’s broadcast is now available.

Monday 14th February. The Test ahead of tonight’s broadcast is at 1000-1100GMT. Please note the CORRECT FREQUENCY is 11490 Vertical. You may have legacy paperwork with an incorrect frequency. The feed was available at 1049GMT and the Service Name is “ROH-Live”

7th Feb 1112GMT: The Correct Frequency is 11490V. It has been issued incorrectly.

The Test for next week’s broadcast is today (7th Feb) at 1100-1200GMT/UK (1200-1300CET). As this is a ballet, subtitles must be switched OFF.

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