ROYAL OPERA HOUSE “La Traviata” 13th April

SUNDAY 17th April 1300BST: The feed for the Encore is available. The Countdown starts at 1340BST.

UPDATE@1717BST: The feed is now live from the ROH! All Subtitle are present and being decoded here successfully.

Wednesday 13th April: The Test ahead of tonight’s broadcast is at 1000-1100BST/UK (1100-1200CEST). The period from 1100-1145BST is NOT part of the formal test and is for internal use by the ROH

The test ahead of next week’s broadcast is today, 6th April at 1100-1200BST (1200-1300CEST)

Plese note the new Helpline details for those using Icecrypts etc.

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