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ROYAL OPERA HOUSE “Romeo & Juliet” 11th June

UPDATE@1800BST. Both feeds are now available for Test. The main countdown/walk-in is from 18:55 and the Content commences at 19:15. all due to be ended by 22:40 The Test period ahead of tonight’s broadcast is at 1000-1100BST (1100-1200CEST). [The period … Continue reading

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TAKE THAT Greatest Hits Tour 8th June

UPDATE@1828BST. The feed is now available again. Test material continues until 1935BST UPDATE@1251BST. The feed is now available and stable. Sync has been tested and assured on the feed. The Test period ahead of tonight’s live broadcast from the Principality … Continue reading

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ROYAL OPERA HOUSE “Romeo and Juliet”

Thursday 6th June The Test for the transmission on 11th June is now available on IS-1002 and E5Wa. It is for 60′ until 1200BST/1300CEST  

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RSC”The Taming of the Shrew” Test & TX 5th June 2019

Test on IS 10-02 at 1730 BST , with the RSC content starting at 1900 BST. Please consult your helplines if you need any assistance.

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RSC “Taming of the Shrew” Test Tues 4th June 2019

We are up on IS 10-02 as at 10.52 BST. The Test ahead of tomorrow’s live broadcast is on 4th JuneĀ  1100-1200BST (1200-1300CEST). The feed is carried on IS-1002. There are NO subtitles. All usual support functions are available.

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The ROH and the Bolshoi are both broadcasting ballet today. Which to choose? The ROH TRIPLE BILL has it’s Test period starting at 1300BST and the main content from 1400 The BOLSHOI “Carmen/Petrushka” has its test period from 1400BST with … Continue reading

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ROYAL OPERA HOUSE Ballet Triple-Bill 16th May

UPDATE @ 1800BST. The feed is now available and stable on both IS-1002 and E5Wa. The Test period continues to 1855BST, followed by the Countdown/Walk-in up to 1915. The Test ahead of this evening’s broadcast is at 1000-1100BST / 1100-1200CEST. … Continue reading

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