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ENO “Mikado” Main Transmission 3rd December

The feeds on IS-905 and IS-1002 are now both established and stable. Pre-Show trailers run from 1900-1925GMT, followed by Intro and then the “Mikado” at 1930.

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ENO “Mikado” Test 3rd December

UPDATE at 12:51: The ENO have stopped sending audio. we do not know why! UPDATE at 1337GMT: The feed is up on both satellites. Please note: the extracts form the opera are STEREO only at this time. The Test runs … Continue reading

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ENO:MIKADO Test 1st December

The Test is now live on IS-1002 and IS-905. Is is live until 1330UK/1430CET Although the live opera will have subtitles there are no subtitles on the Test

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ENO – The Barber of Seville – TX

Services ceased at 21:40GMT.  Clean & stable TX Content concludes at 21:35GMT Services established & stable at 17:20GMT The tuning period begins at 17:30GMT/18:30BST (UK)/19:30CEST

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ENO – The Barber of Seville – Test

Service ceased at 11:00GMT 905 & 10-03 services established & stable by 09:58GMT The test period will begin at 10:00GMT/11:00BST (UK)/12:00CEST

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ENO – Carmen – TX test – 29.6.15

Services ceased at 12:01GMT Test tape playout file changed.  Subtitles now available 11:24GMT Taking reports that Subs missing in stream – investigating 11:16GMT IS10-02 & 905 established & stable 11:01GMT The test period will begin at 11:00GMT/12:00BST(UK)/13:00CEST

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ENO: Pirates of Penzance: TEST 18th May

UPDATE: 0951GMT. The Test-loop feed is up and stable on both satellites. There are NO SUBTITLES on this test feed The Test for this event is at 1000GMT/1100BST~UK/1200CEST~W.Europe. The Test loop will be on IS-100 and IS-905 and will be … Continue reading

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