NORTHERN BALLET “Dracula” 31st October


Quite appropriately for Halloween, DRACULA is broadcast tonight from Leeds!

UPDATE@1758. The feed is now live again on IS-1002. Hoping you all have a great evening.

UPDATE@1330. The 2nd Test is now live on IS-1002. We will break from the Test loop at 1345 and show a live camera sync-Test.

The 1st Test is at 0945GMT/UK and is for 30′. We will then return at 1330GMT for another 30′ Test.

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ROYAL OPERA HOUSE “Concerto/Enigma/Raymonda” Test 29th October


The Test for next Tuesday’s broadcast is at 1100GMT/UK (1200CET) for 60′. The feed is on IS-1002 and E5Wa. As this is ballet, subtitles should be OFF in UK cinemas.

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BOLSHOI BALLET “Raymonda” 27th October

The Feed from Moscow is due to start at 1300GMT/UK (1400CET) with the Opening Announcement at 1500GMT (1600CET). It is carried on both IS-1002 and E5Wa

The ballet is due to end around 1800GMT/1900CET

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ROYAL OPERA HOUSE “Don Pasquale” ENCORE Sunday 27th October


The Test period for today’s Encore starts at 1300GMT/UK, with the main introduction at 1400GMT. This Encore is due to end at 1657GMT.

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MET OPERA “Manon” 26th October


The Test ahead of today’s broadcast is from 1630BST (1730CEST) on E5Wa and IS-1002

All usual support facilities available ove this period. Do consult your in-house resources as needed or call the PWN super-helpline if needed.

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ROYAL OPERA HOUSE “Don Pasquale” Thursday 24th October


UPDATE:21:21CEST there was a short break in the feed on E5Wa only at ~2112CEST

UPDATE@18:15BST The feed is now available again on both IS-1002 and E5Wa

The Test period ahead of tonight’s broadcast is at 1000-1100BST (1100-1200CEST). Although there will be a feed on IS-1002 until 1145BST, this is NOT part of the Test and is for ROH internal use only.

SUBTITLES should be ON for this opera.


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BOLSHOI BALLET “Raymonda” Test 22nd October

The test for the 1st broadcast of the 2019-20 Season is at

09:30-10:30CEST on E5Wa

09:30-1030BST on IS-1002

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