MET OPERA “The Exterminating Angel” TX – 18th November

MetHDlogo 649x486_exterminating_angel_1
The test period for today’s TX will commence at 16:30 GMT (UK time), 17:30 CET (in Europe).

IS10-02 services established & stable at 16:12 GMT
Eu5Wa services established & stable at 16:29 GMT

Content concluded at 20:50 GMT
Services ceased at 20:55 GMT


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NTLive “Follies” Test and live Tx 16th November 2017

Update @ 19:21 One of the introduction had lip sync errors. Confirm lip sync is good now.

Update @17:00  Established on IS 1002

The test for tonight’s broadcast begins at 17:00 GMT (18:00 CET). It is carried on IS-1002 only.

Please note, during the live transmission there is a scene with some strobing and flashing lights.

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NTLive “Follies” Test 15th November 2017

NTLive Follies: there is a test on IS 10-02 , 1100-1200 GMT today 15th November.

Please note, during the live transmission tomorrow 16th November , there is a scene with some strobing and flashing lights.

Any issues , please call your helpline.

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MET OPERA “The Exterminating Angel” Test 13th November

The Test on E5Wa is from 0930-1000CET. There are 2 feeds available: 1 with burnt-in French subtitles and another feed with all subtitles embedded for self-selection with STBs

The Test on IS-1002 follows at 0930-1000GMT. This has all subtitle-languages embedded

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ROYAL OPERA HOUSE “Alice in Wonderland” Encore 29th October

Update @ 13:05 Transmission established on IS 1002 and IS 905

The Test period for this Encore begins at 13:00GMT/UK. The main programme commences at 1400GMT/UK

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ROYAL OPERA HOUSE “Alice in Wonderland” 23rd October



UPDATE:1808BST. There are some extraneous voices on the centre channel on this Test. We are asking the ROH to investigate.

UPDATE@1753BST The feed is now available for pre-Test ahead of the countdown-clock/Walk-in at 1855.

The Test period ahead of tonight’s broadcast starts at 1000BST/1100CEST and is for 60′ duration. The period 1100-1145BST / 1200-1245CEST is NOT part of the official test: it is for ROH internal purposes and you will see the material stop/start/pause.

SUBTITLES should be set to OFF for this ballet

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BOLSHOI BALLET “Le Corsaire” 22nd October

UPDATE@1718: there will be a brief break in the audio during the interval whilst the cause of the Surround Sound issues is investigated and resolved.

UPDATE@1426: The feed has been lost briefly for 40″ from Moscow.

UPDATE@1407BST: The feed is now available on IS-1002 and E5Wa

UPDATE@1400BST: we are still awaiting the feed to be uplinked from the Russian uplink. A note to follow once this is available.

The test period for today’s broadcast from Moscow starts at 1400BST/1500CEST. The walk-in is at 1540BST/1640CEST and the main show begins at 16:00BSt/1700CEST.

The broadcast is carried on IS-1002 and E5Wa.

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