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BOLSHOI BALLET “Raymonda” Test 22nd October

The test for the 1st broadcast of the 2019-20 Season is at 09:30-10:30CEST on E5Wa 09:30-1030BST on IS-1002

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MET OPERA “Manon” Test 21st October

Today’s Test ahead of Saturday’s broadcast is at 0930-1000CEST on E5Wa followed by the IS-1002 Test at 0930-1000BST. All usual support facilities available ove this period. Do consult your in-house resources as needed or call the PWN super-helpline if needed.

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ROYAL OPERA HOUSE “Don Pasquale” Test 17th October

The Test for next week’s broadcast is at IS-1002: 1055-1155BST / 1155-1255CEST E5Wa: 1100-1200BST / 1200-1300CEST All usual support services are expected for your managed or FTA receiving systems.

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“THE IRISHMAN” Red-Carpet Premiere 13th October

UPDATE:1826BST. the feed on IS-1002 is now available again UPDATE@1255BST. The feed is now live on IS-1002. The Service name is “The Irishman”. The event is broadcasting colour-bars (Spectra TV) and stereo tone. The Test ahead of tonight’s live Red … Continue reading

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ROYAL OPERA HOUSE”Don Giovanni” 8th October

UPDATE@1730BST Both feeds are now available and stable. UPDATE@1102BST The official Test has now finished. IS-1002 continues until 1145BST for internal-ROH purposes. The Test ahead of tonight’s broadcast is at 1000-1100BST (1100-1200CEST) on IS-1002 and E5Wa. Subtitles should be ON … Continue reading

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MET OPERA “Turandot” Test 7th October

The Test ahead of this Saturday’s (12th October) 1st broadcast of the 2019-20 Season is at: 0930CEST on E5Wa 0930BST on IS-1002 Each Test is for 30′

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MET OPERA 2019-20 Pre-Season Test IS-1002

Hello all Met -Opera takers. There is a pan-European Test on IS-1002 this morning 24th September at 0930-1030BST / 1030-1130CEST. The parameters will be the same as the rest of the Season. All the usual support reources should be available … Continue reading

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