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GLOBE THEATRE: “King Lear” 21st September

UPDATE@09:47 The Feed is now up and stable on IS-1002 This morning’s Pre-Test starts at 0945BST until 1030BST. Please note the CHANGE OF FREQUENCY as notified yesterday. You should NOT use 11517V. The content is a mixture of the Arqiva … Continue reading

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ROYAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY “Titus Andronicus” 9th August

The Test period for tonight’s broadcast starts at 1730BST (1830CEST). CARDS start at 1845BST followed by the Introduction at 1900. The broadcast is due to end around 22:15

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RSC “King Lear”12th October

UPDATE@1735BST. The feed is stable on both satellites. The Test runs until 1845BST and the performance is due to end at 2230BST This morning’s Test starts at 1100BST/UK (1200CEST/W.Europe). It lasts for 60′ and is carried on IS-1002 and IS-905. … Continue reading

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RSC Live “King Lear” Test 11th October

UPDATE@1103: The Test feed is now stable on both IS-1002 and IS-905. The helpline is operational too. The Test on IS-1002 and IS-905 starts at 1100BST/1200CEST. It is for 60′. The content is 1080/50 AC3/DD.

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RSC “Hamlet” 8th June

UPDATE@1724BST. The broadcast is now up and stable on IS-1002 and IS-905. UPDATE@1059BST. The feed is now up and stable on IS-905 too. UPDATE@1053BST. The feed on IS-1002 is now up and stable This morning’s 60′ Test on IS-1002 and … Continue reading

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SHAKESPEARE LIVE! Main Transmission

21:55GMT Services ceased 21:53GMT Content concludes Cinema feeds established & stable at 17:52GMT Cinemas MUST take the service called “Cinema Shakespeare”. If you see a service on IS-1002 called “BBC Shakespeare” you have got the WRONG channel and it will … Continue reading

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Shakespeare Live – Test

IS10-02 & IS905 service ceased IS905 service optimised at 10:02GMT. All stable IS10-02 service optimised at 09:58GMT.  All stable Services established at 09:52GMT The (Cinema) test period will begin at 10:00GMT / 11:00BST (UK) / 12:00CEST (Europe) for 60′. It … Continue reading

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